Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Water Cycle Stories

We have been learning about the water cycle this week. Some people in Room One wrote a story about the adventures of Little Drop as he travelled around the water cycle.
The Adventure of Little  Drop
Once there was a little drop. He was in a lake. Little drop got warm in the sun. He started to rise up into the air. Little Drop went into a cloud and got blown into Australia.  The cloud got heavy and cold.  Little Drop felt himself turning into water.  He rained down over a mountain.  He felt himself flowing into a stream.  “What’s happening to me?” he wondered.
After a while Little Drop’s river flowed into a dam.  The warm sun heated up the surface of the water.  Little drop got lighter and started rise up again. “ Here I go again,” he thought and he was off on another adventure.

By Toby
Adventures of Little Drop
Once there was a little drop and he lived in the New Zealand ocean. All of a sudden he started getting lighter and lighter, he was evaporating!
“Yay ! wahoo! this is the best,” he said.
“I’m going into a rain cloud, I’m c-condensing, I’m freezing.”
before he knew it he was falling into Australia's ocean. 
“ I precipitated,” thought Little Drop. “What are these things?” he wondered, as suddenly  they started sucking him in.
“Aahh they’re pipes! he said. Little drop felt like he was on a water slide.  Then he ended up in someone's kitchen sink.  Just as quickly he was washed back down into the drain, that had started sucking him in. Finally he ended up in the in the exact same place he started, the New Zealand Ocean, where he felt himself getting warmer and lighter again...

By Sophia

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