Monday, 3 July 2017

Our Writing about the COLD


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It was a foggy, freezing morning, the wind was howling like a werewolf.
There was snow falling as fast as lightning.
It was as cold as ice.
It was pouring with rain, it was like someone was pouring a bucket of water from the sky.
The freezing frost was covering all of the earth.
The trees were covered with thick white snow.
By Jorja   

by Sophia
  1. The wind was whistling like a bear.
  2. The snow was falling as fast as a flash.
  3. I was as cold as ice.
  4. The rain was coming down as if there was a bucket of water getting poured onto the Earth.
  5. The hail was coming down as fast as a cheetah.
  6. The chilly frost was covering Earth as if it was a white blanket.
The trees were as naked as a unclothed body.

By Mata It was a bitterly cold morning . The world was locked in with a whirlwind of frost and snow marching all over the countryside.this winter was different to a normal winter. This winter was coming alive. The iceman turned his frosted face from side to side and stretched and flexed his ice fingers. He went closer to my house so I locked the door. My feet were cold so I went for a walk. I could see the iceman walking across the road . I snuck up behind him.

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