Monday, 3 July 2017

Term Two Visit From the Fire Service

Learning About Fire Safety

Fire fighter

Beep beep I heard the fire truck. I was so excited to see the fire truck. Everyone was so amazed to see the fire truck.  Everyone then went into the fire truck and the firefighter tried to spray  us  with the hose.
I lined up with my friends to get into the fire truck. I went to see what's inside the fire truck. Then we swapped with the Juniors. We then we went into the hall. The firefighter showed us some smoke alarms.  

By Liam
Fire is a phoenix all hot and flamey zooming around on a hot sunny day.
Fire is as red as the sun. Fire smells like a crispy burnt marshmallow. Fire tastes like a  spicy red hot chilli burning your mouth. Fire sounds like crispy leaves being stood on by mice.
Fire feels like a saucepan burning your body.     

                 By Emily.

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